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December 16, 2017, Philosophy of Skincare


When the small sized particles of high quality, natural oils reach the skin, they sink in deeply, reaching the layers that need help recovering the most. Skin recognizes active ingredients from plants as its own nutritive building blocks. The result? Perfectly content, fortified and nourished skin, winning the battle with everyday challenges: stress, pollution, sun damage and fatigue. Still skeptic? No worries.

Sometimes, it happens that the best ideas are born from skepticism. Meri from Primitivance had quite a few doubts when she started to give oils a try on her extremely sensitive skin. But since she believed that it is absurd to take so much care about what we put into our bodies, and yet keep stuffing our skin with all those artificial stuff hoping for the best, she said I’ll give it a go, and started the journey to her own heritage and the most recent technological advancements. A journey that will, few years later, result in her first oil serum, Belle de Jour. Once she survived the primal fear that the natural oils will make her skin break out or act out, or have no benefit at all compared with industrial skincare products, she actually saw her skin beginning to self-recover, becoming more supple, more resilient and, seriously, better looking. She went further, to discover the perfect blend of natural and organic base and essential oils that will simplify and supercharge her own daily skincare routine, replacing a stack of other products, while keeping the high efficiency with hard working extracts and antioxidants 4x stronger than vitamin C.

Powered by a team of pharmacists specialized in natural skincare and their high-tech lab, Meri from Primitivance set the bar so high that the word Utopia was something she heard on a daily level.

But that dream has proven true. Utopia became reality. Oil serum Belle de Jour is here, packed with antioxidants, easily absorbing, light in texture and smelling like heavenly trio of jasmine, lavender and immortelle.

So, this is the story that is often told here, in Primitivance. And if you want to be a part of that story, all you have to do is ask, and get your sample of oil serum delivered to your front door.