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December 1, 2017, Philosophy of Skincare


This is not another story of fighting the traces of time on your skin. This is not at all about erasing the years of your life, or traces of emotion from your face. This is the story of praising your experiences and rewarding your skin, to help it look its best and stay healthy.

Good feelings cannot have bad consequences on your skin, we like to say here, in Primitivance. There is no need to fight the proofs of your own life. Your battles won. Your loves lost and found. Your adventure rides. Just reward your skin for every laughter, every scream of joy and every hour spent above the pages of a book deep into the night. A reward made only from what Primitivance offers and even the most delicate skin accepts: a blend of highly efficient botanicals that have been here for eternity or so, growing under the strong Dalmatian sun, from a fistful of soil between the rocks, surviving strong winter winds and the salt from the sea that travels with that wind, carefully harvested, condensed into a drop of oil serum.

A skin that is well nourished and empowered with the natural essences regains its strength and suppleness, and most importantly, it learns to self-recover. So you can live your own life, accepting every adventure that comes your way with emotion.

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